Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinnati and the Maintenance Mindset

January 29, 2015

When it comes to their vehicles, some Cincinnati auto owners dont have a maintenance mindset. They know they need to take care of their cars, but it just seems really hard to get them to remember to do it. Cincinnati drivers generally accept that many things in life require regular ... More

Maintaining Your Older Car In Cincinnati Ohio

January 22, 2015

The government mandates a lot of equipment on cars in Cincinnati Ohio: emission devices and control computers, safety equipment like airbags and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the Cincinnati Ohio motoring public, but it does add quite a bit to the price of a ... More

Under Pressure in Cincinnati: TPMS

January 13, 2015

Have you noticed an increase in price when you get a flat fixed in Cincinnati or your tires rotated? It might be the result of your TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The federal government began requiring a TPMS system on 2008 model year passenger vehicles and light trucks. Some 2006 an... More

Buying the Right Tires and Wheels In Cincinnati Ohio

January 9, 2015

Everyone in Cincinnati Ohio eventually replaces their tires, whether it's because they're worn out or they're just looking for something different. There are so many great tire choices in Cincinnati Ohio, it can be difficult to sort them out. Let's group the broad spectrum into sever... More

It Is Time To Check Your Intervals

January 1, 2015

Part of the engineering that goes into designing a vehicle is testing the components to ensure that they meet durability and safety standards. Because of this, manufacturers have a good idea as to how long the parts in your vehicle will last under normal driving conditions. For th... More