Service Center Standard and Procedures

January 29, 2017

All Ohio pilots have checklists for every aspect of flying. They always use their checklists even if they only have two steps on them. They do this simply because a checklist is a great way to not forget steps. It is also how they can assure a predictable outcome. That is why Cincinnati ... More

Put on the Brakes: Brake Service at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti

January 22, 2017

When it comes to preventive maintenance and car care, most Cincinnati drivers know how it is to check their brakes. But brakes are more than just brake pads and shoes. There are a lot of components in the brake system, and they all need to be in good working order.The pads and shoes are k... More

Cool Breeze: Air Conditioning Service at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti in Cincinnati

January 15, 2017

Most Ohio auto owners know that their vehicles need regular preventive maintenance like changing the oil and filters, rotating the tires and refilling the washer fluid. But did you know that your air conditioning system needs routine maintenance as well? Taking care of your air conditioning sy... More

Automobile Fluids For Your vehicle

January 9, 2017

If you've walked through the automotive fluids section of an auto parts store in Cincinnati, you'll know how overwhelming the sheer number of products available can be. How do you know what's right for your vehicle?As you know, these fluids all serve a function in making your car run as you dr... More

Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti Advice on Buying New Tires

January 3, 2017

Today's tires and wheels offer a lot of options for every Cincinnati driver's style, habits and driving conditions.Tires are designed for high-performance in winter or summer and even come in a long-wearing variety for all Ohio seasons.Cincinnati off-roaders should be excited about the options... More