The Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti Guide to Saving Fuel: Get Rid of Dirty Oil

July 31, 2017

A lot of us drivers are asking ourselves the same question lately: how can we save on fuel? Cincinnati area residents are all cutting back, if not in fuel consumption, then in other areas of our lives. Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is an important way people in Cincinnati can cons... More

Recommended Service Intervals at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti

July 24, 2017

Most people in the Cincinnati area are aware that automotive manufacturers have recommended service intervals. Following recommended service intervals is very important. The engineers that design our vehicles have tested the various systems and components to meet durability and safety stan... More

Smart Cincinnati Drivers Protect Against Overheating

July 16, 2017

Engines get hot when they run. This heat can build up and damage vital engine parts, so engines need a cooling system to keep them running. Cooling system failure is the most common mechanical failure in vehicles. This is unfortunate, because these failures are usually easy for Cincinnati... More

Using Proper Fluids in Your vehicle

July 9, 2017

Today, Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti is writing about the proper fluids for your vehicle. It's become more complicated with changes in automotive design and manufacturing. It's not that people in Cincinnati are confused as much as they don't realize how much things have changed in ... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Slow Down in Cincinnati

July 2, 2017

Theres not much Cincinnati drivers can do about the price of gas in Ohio, but we can control - up to a point - how much we use. Our driving habits can dramatically affect our fuel economy. The first thing we can do is watch the go-pedal. Hard acceleration just sucks the gas. Gently leave stop lig... More