Below 45 Degrees in Cincinnati: Consider Winter Tires

August 27, 2015

Remember snow tires? They were basically just regular tires with big, knobby lugs to get them through deep snow. They were loud and rode hard, and Cincinnati drivers couldnt wait to get them off the car. Then along came television advertisements for all-season radials. Ohio drivers ... More

Alternative Fuel Vehicles In Cincinnati, Ohio

August 21, 2015

Let's talk about alternative fuel vehicles. In their quest to reduce the use of fossil fuels and harmful exhaust emissions in our Cincinnati environment, automakers will have a number of alternatives for Cincinnati motorists very soon. For instance, Flex Fuel vehicles are already ava... More

The Maintenance Free Myth

August 14, 2015

Sometimes we hear Cincinnati motorists say, "What's up with all this maintenance stuff? Modern cars just don't break down." While it is true that today's cars and trucks are extremely reliable, they are also becoming increasingly complicated and use more exotic materials than ever bef... More

A Cool and Smooth Transmission in Cincinnati

August 12, 2015

When it comes to preventive maintenance on our vehicles, most of us Cincinnati drivers remember to get our oil changed. But Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinnati services that occur at longer intervals like transmission service sometimes get overlooked. Yet transmission service is an essential... More