Engine Hydration for Cincinnati Drivers: Role of Your Water Pump

October 30, 2016

The cooling system in an engine has five components: the radiator, the radiator cap, the hoses, the thermostat and the water pump. The water is literally the heart of the system. Just as your own heart keeps your blood circulating through your body, the water pump keeps coolant circulating throug... More

Picking the Right Tires in Cincinnati

October 25, 2016

Shopping for tires in Cincinnati can be bewildering because there are a multitude of choices. Let's simplify. There are four main classifications of tires, each designed for different purposes.First off, there are summer tires. Those who buy summer tires in Cincinnati are looking for maximum s... More

Exhaust Service at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti: Passing the Smell Test

October 18, 2016

The exhaust system on a vehicle is more complex than most Cincinnati residents realize. It contains everything from old-fashioned pipes and clamps to sophisticated computers and sensors. All Ohio folks know a properly functioning exhaust system is good for the environment, but sometimes we for... More

Combustion Choreography: Timing Belt Replacement at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti in Cincinnati

October 12, 2016

Have you ever seen a ballet performance? Have you wondered how all of those dancers manage to travel all over the stage jumping and twirling and never crash into each other? That's the job of a choreographer.Our auto engines are also highly choreographed. Pistons travel up and down inside cylinde... More

Tire Replacement: What Cincinnati Drivers Need to Know

October 3, 2016

Looking at getting some new tires? Maybe the real reason for wanting those off-highway tires is that they look cool. Well there's nothing wrong with that. If you make sure that you've got your functional needs covered with your selection, then you can have some fun with where you go from there... More