Following Recommended Intervals for Your vehicle

December 18, 2017

If you're reading this article in Cincinnati, Ohio, then you probably care about your vehicle and how it runs. Even though you care, there is still that moment of dread when your professional service advisor at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti tells you the manufacturer recommends som... More

Change Your Engine Air Filter at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti

November 19, 2017

Many Cincinnati car owners have probably wondered: "What's the harm in putting off replacing an engine air filter? The answer is that not replacing it could cause your Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor to fail. This expensive sensor is situated between your engine air filter and your engine. Dir... More

10 Services Cincinnati Drivers Often Overlook

October 16, 2017

We live such busy lives nowadays: work, social events, running the kids all over Cincinnati. Some days it's all we can do to keep track of everywhere we need to be. That's why you've gotta be organized. Smartphones, calendar apps - we have to keep track of it all.So let's talk about sched... More

Let Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti Help You Keep Your Vehicle Another Couple of Years

August 28, 2017

Cincinnati area residents may remember when the U.S. government's Cash for Clunkers program made a splash on the news scene. People were offered incentives to trade in old vehicles for new, in the interest of better and improved air quality from reduced emissions.But a lot of Cincinnati drivers w... More

Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti Maintenance Tips: The Belt Goes On

June 13, 2017

All Cincinnati service advisors know that without the alternator, the battery will go dead in a few miles. The serpentine belt may also run the pumps for both the power steering and power brakes. And on many vehicles, the serpentine belt powers the water pump. The water pump circulates c... More

The Harm in Skipping an Oil Change for Cincinnati Drivers

April 25, 2017

People in Cincinnati have been hearing a lot about higher oil change intervals these days. Maybe you're wondering: What are the key issues?Some new vehicle manufacturers are now recommending much higher oil change intervals than they have in the past. As much as 5,000 to 8,000 miles (8,00... More

Change Your Wiper Blades Twice Yearly at Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti

March 20, 2017

Because 90% of our driving decisions are based on visual information, unobscured vision is paramount. Which brings us to the topic of today's Tuffy Auto Service Center Cincinatti article: wiper blades. While this isn't the most exciting automotive subject, it's important. You wouldn't drive at n... More

Your Vehicle Is NOT Maintenance Free, Cincinnati Car Owners

December 6, 2016

A generation ago, Cincinnati drivers seemed to be more inclined to keep their vehicle's preventive maintenance on schedule. One reason for this may be that vehicles back then were a lot less reliable than they are today. Taking your vehicle in to your Cincinnati shop every year or two for repa... More

Clean Air for Your Engine: Engine Air Filters In Cincinnati

September 5, 2016

Every Cincinnati car owner who has taken their car in for an oil change has been told that their engine air filter's dirty. Here's what goes into the determination of when to change the filter: First, your vehicle owner's manual will have a recommendation of when the filter should be replaced.... More

Economics of Maintenance for Cincinnati Auto Owners

June 5, 2016

Buying a new car in Cincinnati is always a big financial decision. The allure of that new car smell is powerful, to be sure. But what if your current car is still in good shape? How do you decide?People in Cincinnati who've been used to driving a new car every three to five years may be having ... More